Teague Trek

Living life outside the lines


Hello!  Our blog is dedicated to documenting our year of travel and other adventures as we leave home for 12 months to explore life outside of our much loved hometown of Austin, Tx.  We rented out our house, bought a trailer aka “Big Tex”, and hit hit the road with our three kids (Keith 11, Lindsey 9, and Harper 5).  Ryan will work remotely and I will “road” school the kids along the way.  One of our family mottos  is “Dream Big/Live life with no limits” so this is our attempt to put our philosophy into action and see what we learn along the way.

One thought on “About

  1. holly phillips on said:

    Hi Julie,
    My name is Holly and I’m from the MYTSA Jaguars. I was sent an e-mail regarding your son’s interest in football. We are still in process of updating our website. I would love to get you all the info you need and would love to have your son play for us. Our season starts August 18th and goes til end of Oct with playoffs 1st 2 wks in Nov. Feel free to call me anytime and I can give you more information. Thanks again for you and your son’s interest.

    Holly Phillips
    MYTSA Jaguars

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