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Big foot found… skiing? By Keith Teague

On Thursday, November 29 at approximately 12 am, Vail ski patrol spotted a late night skier on the slopes and realized that it was Big Foot.  Reporters fled to the scene to investigate.  Two members of the ski patrol, Helen and Aidan Ellisor, saw him first sprawled out in the snow next to a ramp. Big Foot turns out to be quite friendly. Ava and Zane Warren, two reporters from Texas, asked why he was skiing and how he learned.   Big Foot explained, “Well I sit in the trees and watch skiers go by and I’s was kind of jealous so I snuck in to the ski rental shop and found somes skis and big plastic boots I’s got pretty good after awhile and tried a jump but I ate it.” The owner of the ski rental shop on main street, Aidan Warren, told reporters that ,“Last December $400 mysteriously appeared on the counter in my shop.  The skis that I think he took were very expensive but he did pay for them.” Another reporter, Kinsey Silcox, asked Mr. Big Foot how he paid for the skis.  He responded, “Sometimes I’s go down to the lodge and find coins. Once I’s found a green paper with a 20 on it. It took 1year and a month to save enough for the skis but it’s was worth it.”  Jackson Silcox, head of the Sasquatch search team, wanted to know how long he has been living on Vail Mountain.  “I’s have been living on the mountain for 1,301 yrs. because I live forever.” The people of Vail valley are happy to have him as part of the community. If you ever see anything moving in the trees it could be him.


Big Foot poses for photographers at Vail Resort.

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4 thoughts on “Big foot found… skiing? By Keith Teague

  1. fritzi dupuy on said:

    I love your Big imagination. Well done Keith. Some grandparents would be concerned….having their grandchildren ski with Big Foot, but, not me. I know you could take him!

  2. peggy manley on said:

    What a good writer you are becoming! Keep at it!!! The story was so much fun to read!
    Peggy xxxxoooo

  3. Taz Brown on said:

    Howdy….we are having an event at Sunlight Mtn this weekend…this picture would be great for our FB page…may be use it on the Sunlight Ski and Bike FB page?

  4. Taz- You are welcome to use the image but we do not own it. My 11 yr old son wrote this and he grabbed the image off of Google or something. It is a cool pic, though!
    Curious how you found our blog?

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