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Washington by Harper

Harper wanted to write something for the travel blog,too.   We decided to do a poem. For each line, I asked her to tell me one or two words describing something she loves or remembers from Washington and in that way she dictated to me her phrase poem.  I edited out some of her more long winded descriptions (like in the starfish line where she explained in quite shocking detail how a starfish’s stomach comes out of its body to eat seafood-that part did not make the cut. Evidently she does listen when those tour guides talk) but below is the rest of what she “wrote”.  She also picked the pictures which was not at all a painstaking process….since I only had several hundred for her to browse.  She is very excited about her poem.  Looks like I may be in for lots more poetic dictation.  A side note: any rhyming in the poem was a happy coincidence.  I say happy because she did not intend it but was thrilled no, ecstatic  when we read it back and it did have a couple of rhymes.  It is the little things that are exciting don’t ya know?


Horses and blackberries

Got to ride a ferry

Seattle Cotton candy

Turquoise cupcake taste

A little bit rainy

Wrestling with my brother and sister

In green green grass

Laughing loud fall down

Sea lions slippery

Puffin bird with golden hairs

Crabs kind of snappy

Starfish pointy amazing eaters big and gooey

Jellyfish sting with stingy rays

Double rainbow

Beautiful and cool

Happy farm

Bully goat chasing us

Pretty chicken feathers

Amazing turkeys white guys with all the colors

Lots of buzzing flies

Kittens so cute

Can’t come inside don’t know why

Sand dollars for Babba

At the beach

Water clear clear

See the sand dollars

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4 thoughts on “Washington by Harper

  1. ann minner on said:

    wonderful! I love that he is the “bully goat” and that the cupcakes take a little bit rainy.

  2. Ronda Rodriguez on said:

    Great poem. Harper must have an awesome and patient teacher. My favorite line is “can’t come inside and don’t know why”. I’m thinking mud. I love the imagery.

  3. Thanks, Ronda! I liked that line, too. BC it rhymed and she was so pleased with herself. She keeps asking if you had your baby. I can’t believe that it is a boy! 🙂

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