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Colorado by Lindsey Teague

Today Lindsey is posting the poem she wrote about Colorado.


Glistening, trickling rivers

flowing through the swaying pines

hearing dogs bark loudly

throwing shiny snowballs

bone chilling ice in my socks

peddling through the water

bright yellow paddle boats

fuzzy ducks following

hiking up steep mountains

hot sun in my eyes

feeling the cool breeze

talking to cousins

blanket soft grass under me

feeding shiny fish

smelly fish food

riding fastly to eat warm pizza

jumping into the perfect pool water




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5 thoughts on “Colorado by Lindsey Teague

  1. Beautiful poem, Linsey. I think your adventures are inspiring you!! I enjoyed it very much.

  2. Denise Bodman on said:

    HI Lindsey,

    This is Grace! Miss you. Loved your poem.
    Grace Bodman

  3. Uncle Myers on said:

    Nice post Lindsey – that reminds me of all the reasons why I love Colorado. Thanks

  4. Jamie on said:

    That does describe Colorado! Good job.

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