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We made it!

Since we decided to leave Austin for a year, we have had numerous requests for a blog. Well, here it is! I will be posting here to keep you updated on our travels and let you in on our exciting life on the road.  Like right now, for example, Harper is napping!  Just stay tuned and I will reveal more amazing events as they happen.  Wait, I think this is newsworthy: Keith just asked if he can get a phone for the 100th time.

Seriously, we are having a good time and we made it to Colorado safe and sound.  Our first night in Keystone, we rode our bikes over to the resort area. The kids spent some time feeding the ducks and harassing the fish at the edge of lake and then we sat down to eat.  Not 10 minutes into our meal we saw a brown bear walking along the lake in the exact same spot where the kids had been playing.  It was both amazing and frightening.  Evidently, the lack of rain is causing a shortage of food and the bears are seeking food/water in town. We are having an ongoing debate about whether it is better to run or stand your ground when facing a bear.  This is a detail we likely need to get cleared up soon since they are having bear sightings daily.

The condo Ryan rented is really nice which came as a huge surprise to all of us as he has a pretty loose definition of what qualifies for proper lodging (loose as in as long as it has a roof and a door, he is good). Colorado is absolutely beautiful-event the dirt is pretty.  Ryan had to fly to Kansas for work this week so the kids and I have been riding around on bikes and exploring.  I admit (to the groans of friends suffering in Texas) that I love the heat even after last summer so I was shocked when we had ICE on the sidewalk the first morning.  However, it did warm up during the day and we are enjoying the  cool evenings.

Well, the kids are all suited up and ready to go to the pool and I need to run a load of laundry.  See, some things never change-even on the road.


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2 thoughts on “We made it!

  1. I have heard you should be assertive with bears ,(but they say that with human intruders as well). I would probably freeze then try to run…..a bad idea….Bears , especially hungry bears, can run really fast. I would say take a raw pot roast just in case!!

  2. Belen on said:

    I think what you are doing is fabulous!!!! Chance of a lifetime ! Muy grande cojones !!!! Have fun!

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